Student Wellbeing

All students have the support and guidance of either their Student Learning Leaders (Junior School) or House Leaders (Senior School) who are responsible for supporting the progress and wellbeing of each student in their care. Student Learning Leaders and House Leaders are the primary point of contact for parents and are active in ensuring every student is supported to be successful at school. Two Student Learning Leaders have responsibility for students at each level in the Junior School, whereas House Leaders look after the Senior School students in each of four Houses and will monitor these students across their three years in Senior School. Each sub-school has a leader and Assistant Principal who monitor the students in the respective sub-schools and oversee the school programs at each level.

Learning Mentors

Each student is supported by a Learning Mentor. In Years 7-9, this will be in groups of 25 and will be a teacher who teaches them. In the Senior School, students are in groups of 18-20 and have the same mentor remain with them from Year 10 through to Year 12.  Learning Mentors meet with their students once a week to support them in setting and achieving their learning goals.  Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and to demonstrate their learning growth in electronic learning portfolios. Maintaining a Learning Portfolio is an intrinsic part of every student’s education at Camberwell High School. Students at all levels are assisted by their teachers and Student Learning Mentors to develop and maintain these portfolios. Through a process of setting goals and collecting evidence of their learning progress, students are able to monitor and document their learning journey.

Student Wellbeing Coordinators

Additional support is provided to students by the Student Wellbeing Coordinators, who provide one-to-one counselling and organise programs that address the various stages of development of our students. The Student Wellbeing Coordinators are supported by a visiting educational psychologist. Students can seek out the Wellbeing Office directly, or may be referred by another member of staff. Students can approach any member of staff regarding any issue of concern and they will be guided towards the appropriate help. If needed, families can also meet with the psychologist.

Student Leadership

Camberwell High School provides extensive opportunities for student leadership, which allow students to adopt an active role in the development of the school and foster a sense of community. Year 12 students hold the most senior positions, including School Captains, Student Representative Council Presidents and House Leadership. Students in these and other leadership positions are role models for students and proudly represent their school. Each week the SRC Presidents and School Captains meet with the Principal to discuss diverse aspects of the school. A student forum is held each term, which ensures the student voice is heard. It is important to us that students are an integral part of the school’s development, as it helps maintain a cycle of constant improvement, but also gives students a sense of responsibility for ownership of their learning environment. Student leadership is promoted through formal roles and frequent forums.

The A -Z Community, Respectful Cultures Group and Sustainability Collective groups all provide opportunities for student leadership and focus on developing responsible and caring community members.

Student Pathways & Careers

Students are guided in their transition through the school through support from their Learning Mentor. When making Pathways decisions for their future, they are provided with a range of experiences including university visits, information sessions for parents and students, Course Counselling interviews with mentors and careers staff and a school based Tertiary Careers Expo evening supported by a wide range of university and TAFE providers.

As students make their way through school, we encourage them to think about their future, and what steps they need to take to achieve their goals. The Careers Program is an integral part of a student’s pathway, as for many a career goal will inform the decisions they make regarding subject selection.

In senior school, students are supported in their pathway decisions by staff in the Careers office. The Careers counsellors conduct a series of workshops, presentations and online activities to provide students with comprehensive information for making their choices.

The Careers office has an open door policy – parents and students are invited to call, email or make an appointment. Throughout the year the office maintains communication with students and parents about Careers days, university visits and guest speakers. They also assist students in Year 10 with Work Experience, ensuring they are appropriately prepared.

Public Tenders

Public Tender Request – Supply of 2019 Student Laptops
Reference No: RFT 2020-ICT-001
Closing Date: Friday 20th September 2019 4pm
Description: This tender is for the supply of 2020 Student notebook devices and associated warranties. Full details of the tender including submission methods are in the tender document, link below.

Download – Public Tender Request – Supply of 2020 Student Laptops

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