Camberwell High School opened in 1941 with an enrolment of 350 girls and boys. Today we have 1200 students who continue to thrive in a school community which promotes contemporary learning and takes pride in its long history and rich traditions.

The school’s motto Disco Consulere Aliis (Learning to be considerate of others) underpins all that we do. Combined with our school values of achievement, creativity, respect and responsibility we focus on developing learners who excel, have high expectations of themselves in all they do and are ready to make an impact within the global community as active and engaged citizens.

A key document that outlines the school’s educational vision is the Camberwell High School vision for learning. As a school community we value learning that is transformative, focused on growth, dynamic and built on positive relationships and respect.

Teachers work collaboratively to ensure that they provide opportunities for students as individuals to explore ideas in depth, learn in different ways and at different levels. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and track their own growth and through collaboration and negotiation with teachers and their peers explore ideas, build understanding and develop skills.

To be a successful learner at school and to flourish in today’s fast paced world our learners need to be equipped with skills which enable them to be responsive and adaptable. The school has developed a school wide approach to doing this which we refer to as the learning dispositions. Teachers work with students on building these learning behaviours and approaches and they provide regular feedback to students and parents about their development.

We are a diverse community with varied perspectives and work as a community of staff, students and parents to develop agreement about the key attributes we believe our learners should have. The CHS Learner (read more below) captures the essence of what we are striving for in successfully educating each individual graduate of Camberwell High School.

CHS Learner

The school’s Strategic Plan sets out the key areas of development for the school with specific improvement targets. The document provides a framework for the School Council and the entire school community to use to ensure that we are continually improving learning outcomes for students. The current Strategic Plan (2022-2025) can be read in full.

The Annual Implementation Plan is written each year with reference to the Strategic Plan. Specific targets are set for the year to assist the school in working toward meeting Strategic Plan goals. (Read the 2022 AIP).  Camberwell High Schools Annual Report 2022