Parent Involvement

Camberwell High School is committed to developing a strong partnership with the families of our students. We promote this partnership through keeping parents informed about school programs and events, showcasing student work and through parent meetings, seminars and discussion sessions. There are a range of ways in which parents can be  involved.

School Council

The School Council is the major governing body providing planning, funds and developments within the school. At Camberwell High School, the School Council puts student learning and wellbeing at the heart of its work. The Council is comprised of parents, community members and Department of Education and Training (DET) members.

The aim of the School Council is to enhance educational opportunities for all Camberwell High School students. They develop, review and update school policies, approve the budget and monitor expenditure, and raise funds for school-related purposes.

The School Council has raised funds for such developments as the  Enterprise Centre and the Soccer Field. It works to establish a vision and direction for the school and recommend changes necessary to bring this about.

The constituting order of Camberwell High School confirms the composition of Council. The School Council comprises eight elected parents, four DET employees( other than the Principal), the Principal, two elected student members and one co-opted representative of the wider community in which the school operates.

Council meets 8 times a year and holds the Annual Reporting Meeting, in late March to report on its activities.

Sub-committees of the Council are Policy and Planning, and Finance. Sub-committees are formed to advise Council and have no decision-making powers. Parent members of School Council welcome input from our School Community. Parents wishing to communicate with School Council can do so by contacting the School by email at and the email will be directed to the convenor of the relevant sub-committee.

Parents and Friends Association

The Parents and Friends Association offers parents the opportunity to become involved in the life of the school. The PFA supports key events in the school including:

  • Parent Information and discussion evenings around key issues important to all families
  • The welcome cuppa for Year 7 parents
  • The Year 12 student and staff final luncheon
  • The Second Hand Book sale

It’s hard to escape PFA hospitality and involvement, this is a great way to meet people and support your child’s school experience through your family’s active involvement in building an engaged school community.

Being part of PFA is easy – parents from every year level offer their time, expertise and enthusiasm. Whether you’re great at cooking a sausage, can bake, are keen to volunteer to serve and run staff events, social events, the book sale, can do administrative tasks, or even if you’re keen just to come along and get to know other parents –we’d love you to get involved!


Friends of Music

The Friends of Music is a group comprised of parents who have children in the CHS Music Program. The purpose of the group is to support the high-quality Music Program at Camberwell High School. The Friends of Music have monthly meetings to discuss topics including catering, planning for upcoming music events, public relations, fundraising and other practical support for the CHS Music Department. The Friends of Music also play a huge role in our fundraising to purchase instruments and finance events. Friends of Music also helps to support events such as:

  • The Mid Year Music concert
  • The End of Year Music concert
  • International Student Music tours