Student Welfare and Support

The school ensures that all the needs of international students, including academic support, accommodation and general welfare are provided during their time away from home. Students attend a weekly after school support program to hear from guest speakers and staff about tertiary options, learning resources and recreational opportunities available. Individual interviews and small group workshops assist with the personal development for students and address any areas of concern. Student Leadership is promoted and developed throughout the program.

Students are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities, such as music bands or sporting teams as this builds bonds between international and local students. The Moon Festival is celebrated each year with performances for the whole school organised and presented by a group of students, both international and local. Link to 2021 Moon Festival:

Students can be referred to professional guidance officers and counsellors when required, as well as careers advisors to assist them in choosing the most appropriate tertiary course. Student Learning Mentors meet each week with small groups of local and international students and they also have responsibility to monitor the overall wellbeing and academic progress of the students

Homestay Program

Camberwell High School has around 80 international students from many countries including China, Vietnam, Korea and Indonesia. Many of these students are in homestay accommodation with local families. The school welcomes inquiries from local residents who are interested in becoming a Homestay Provider. Below are the school’s Homestay Guidelines, which are updated regularly. If interested the school’s Homestay Interest Family Information Form (below) should be completed in Word and emailed to the Homestay Coordinator in order to register your interest.

Homestay providers will be required to sign an Agreement confirming that they understand and will abide by the school’s Guidelines.

Please contact the Homestay Coordinator, for more information.
Phone: +61 9836 0555 EXT 8120

Please read the following Homestay Guidelines that provide information on the roles and responsibilities of homestay providers and students within Camberwell High School’s International Student Program.

If interested in becoming a homestay provider please download and fill in the Interest in Homestay Program Camberwell high Family Information Form and return to the school.