At Camberwell High School we support our students in all dimensions of their learning as they grow into young adults ready to make their mark on the world. Today’s students need to master a broad range of skills to equip them for a changing world with complex personal, interpersonal and intellectual demands. At Camberwell High School the learning journey is one where students test their abilities in a range of endeavours. Students develop the capacity to manage their learning, to solve problems, think critically and to participate in the wider community.

Our school offers a broad curriculum, which provides students with a strong foundation for further learning.

Junior school students in Years 7 and 8 undertake a common curriculum covering the eight areas specified in the Victorian Curriculum. Students are encouraged to use learning dispositions to develop as independent learners and this is demonstrated in the selection of an unanswerable question at Year 7, which is investigated individually. In Year 8, the student’s findings from their unanswerable question are presented in a student led conference for peers, parents and teachers.

Students in Year 9 continue to study a number of common subjects and begin to select from the electives offered which cater to their interests. Students in Year 9 participate in the Connections program, a subject designed to promote independent learning. The Enterprise Centre was purpose built for Year 9 students, inspiring curiosity and allowing students to take increasing responsibility for their own learning and to work collaboratively. Students present their reflections on their learning development to peers, parents and teachers on multiple occasions throughout the year.


At the start of their time in Senior School, Year 10 students enjoy a flexible and open curriculum. To engage and expand learning options students may select from a wide range of electives while maintaining a breadth of learning. Year 10 is an important year, as the choices students make will help lay a foundation for post-compulsory study. They are encouraged to study subjects, which interest them and will prepare them for life and tertiary studies. Students in Year 10 are able to accelerate by studying a Year 11 subject as part of their Year 10 program.

Throughout Years 11 and 12 students are challenged, supported and provided with extensive choice to cater for their diverse learning needs. Camberwell High School staff guide subject selection to ensure each student has the prerequisites necessary for their chosen pathway.

Camberwell High School offers two senior Certificates: The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). Year 11 and 12 students can include a VET (Vocational and Education Training) subject as part of either certificate. The vast majority of students complete the VCE which is a prerequisite for tertiary study. VCAL and VET are focused on vocational training and VCAL can lead to further training or an apprenticeship.

Curriculum Handbook

The school handbook explains the subjects offered, their duration and the learning areas to which they belong.

CHS Handbook