LEEP (Learning Enrichment and Extension Program)

The learning enrichment and extension program at Camberwell High School is a select entry program for enrolled students with the ability to achieve at a high level across most subject areas. From 2024 it will commence at Year 7 and continue through to Year 12.


Launch is a select entry program for Year 9 and Year 10 students enrolled at Camberwell High School who have demonstrated strength and passion for Mathematics and Science.

The aim of the program is to enrich and extend the knowledge, skills and readiness of these students to engage with the challenges of the 21st century and to emerge as the leaders, problem solvers and entrepreneurs our world needs.
Students are selected through a formal process in Term 3 each year from the Year 8 cohort.

P-TECH Pathways in Technology

Camberwell High School became a P-Tech school in 2020 providing selected students at Year 10 with the opportunity to focus specifically on cyber security with the benefit of dedicated industry and tertiary partners.
This field of study is vital to Australia now and in the future with thousands of jobs needing to be filled in the next decade.

Twenty-five students are selected through a rigorous application process to participate in the P-Tech program. The STEAM focused P-Tech is an innovative approach to education using industry and tertiary collaboration. The school’s partnership with industry and tertiary mentors provides selected Year 10 students with authentic experience in STEAM, including in cyber security. Our partners are actively involved in supporting young people to gain the skills and capacity to succeed in further study and in the workplace.

Email info@camhigh.vic.edu.au for further information or to apply for LEEP, LAUNCH and P-TECH.